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The Lark’s mission is to empower playwrights by providing transformative support within a global community. 

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It all begins with the playwright.

When writers are free to write what they choose, in the ways that they choose, they are able to convey unique visions of the world. By investing in extraordinary playwrights, we commit to their capacity as powerful agents of civic dialogue, cultural expression and global exchange.

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We provide playwrights with artistic resources and a global community.

Through a broad range of initiatives, we provide writers with money, space, collaborators, audiences, professional connections and the freedom to design their own processes of exploration. Using innovative strategies and partnerships, we connect playwrights to local communities in the U.S. and reach across international boundaries to seek out and embrace diverse perspectives from around the globe. 

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When playwrights flourish, it benefits audiences, communities, and the world.

We strive to reinvigorate the theater’s ancient and enduring role as a public forum for society to imagine its future through storytelling.

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Interested in how YOU can get involved at The Lark?  In addition to the 40 free, public events each year,  you can submit a script, volunteer, become a donor and more.